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Since my German is still not perfect, my feedback will be in English... We are supper happy with the car-sit! Our son is a high boy so it’s a great option of the sit to “grow” with a child. So you save yourgold-costing time and nerves with a newborn shopping! Second, it’s just great to put him or take him to feed in the car. He, as many babies, was afraid to sleep alone until about 2 months. Later, he would always wake up a few miners after the car stops. If not, any loud click would wake him up. If one choose this sit and a baby-stroller with a soft baby-wanne to cary, it would be a perfect combination! The soft baby-wanne is much lighter compared to a car-sit and provides an optimal position for the baby back. Manufacturers do not recomment to let the babies stay in the car sit longer than 90-120min.


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